• July 17, 2024

A Dad Caught A Babysitter Abusing His Small Child, And He Made Sure He Never….

A Father caught his 26-year-old babysitter doing something really terrible to his one-year-old daughter.

According to Metro UK, Jayson Newlun from Missouri had been babysitting the toddler on the night of June 29th and thought he was alone when the child’s parents left to get some food.

It was gathered that the girl’s mother forgot something and had to return home to pick it up and noticed that Newlun was not on the couch anymore and their daughter’s bedroom door was open.

She allegedly saw Newlun taking inappropriate photos of her child before touching her genitals while inappropriately touching himself when she walked into her room.

Horrified, the mom called the police. The dad, however, was a different matter. He flew into an understandable rage and tackled Newlun to the floor, thereafter punching him several times and hitting him with a dresser drawer.

When quizzed as to why he had committed the act, Newlun reportedly said that he didn’t know, before agreeing that he deserved a harsh punishment.

A neighbor had to step in to stop the father from continuing the attack on Newlun.

“I hope you go down for this,” the mother reportedly told Newlun.

“I do, too,” he replied.

Speaking on the unfortunate incident, family members said Newlun was a family friend of the child’s parents and that they were only gone for five to ten minutes.

The 26-year-old was arrested and had his bond set at $250,000. He was later charged with first-degree statutory sodomy.

What a truly horrifying scene for the parents of this young girl to return home to. Having trusted Newlun with the care of their child, they must be feeling some responsibility, which only makes the whole thing worse.

As for Newlun, we hope that he gets the punishment he deserves, and can then (hopefully) seek professional help to ensure this never happens again.

Parents, always be sure who you’re leaving your young children with.

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