• June 13, 2024

A MAJOR Retailer Dumped Mike Lindell, They Just Got Hit With…

Do you all remember last year, when the left began their campaign to cancel Mike Lindell?

Why were these “open-minded” geniuses pushing to cancel the CEO of MyPillow?

Well, he disagreed with the 2020 election results and called the rampant voter fraud that we all witnessed in the early hours of November.

For the Democrats, the election was completely “safe”, but that is not what 56% of Americans believe. In fact, more than half of Americans believe that there was cheating involved in the 2020 election.

Look at this new poll from Rasmussen:

Bed Bath and Beyond were one of those major retailers that chose to buckle to the woke mob and removed Mike Lindell’s pillows and products from their shelves.

Now the big question is, how did that work out for them?


I will give you all one guess…

They are folding like a house of cards and that is just as anyone with an ounce of business sense would suspect.

Bed Bath & Beyond continues to shut underperforming locations, with dozens of closures planned for early this year.

Translation: they’re going under.

CNBC reported that Bed Bath and Beyond released a list of 37 locations spread across 19 states where liquidation sales have already kicked off and the shops are expected to close by the end of February. It includes five Bed Bath shops in California, seven in New York, and one in New Jersey.

In 2020, Bed Bath announced it planned to shut about 200 of its core banner stores over two years, as part of its broader turnaround efforts. It’s also in the midst of remodeling locations to reduce clutter and add brighter signage and new brands.

When Bed Bath reported its fiscal third-quarter results on Thursday, the home goods retailer said it has closed roughly 170 locations thus far and is still on track to hit 200 by year-end.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Tritton told analysts that the company will explore additional closures in the future. It also owns the Buybuy Baby banner, which was a bright spot for the business during the latest quarter as sales in home and bath goods at Bed Bath slowed.

In the past year, Bed Bath shares are down 24.5% and Mike Lindell is still going strong.

How’s that for karma?



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