• July 24, 2024

ALERT: Anti-Trump Lawyer’s Dirty Secret Spills Out And It Is…


Plenty has already been said about the man appointed by Biden’s DOJ to investigate Donald Trump.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is a notorious Democrat who has a long history of attacking Donald Trump. Despite that obvious bias, he was put in charge of finding dirt connecting Trump to J6 and other crimes. (Even though Democrats already failed to do so.)

Word is that this man is about to indict Trump–for a third time–over unfounded accusations that Trump was behind the Capitol riot. Haven’t we heard this song before? It’s unlikely that this man will be able to prove Trump broke the law. Meanwhile, this crooked agent is enjoying a special perk, care of the American taxpayer.

From The Post Millennial:

Special Counsel Jack Smith has enlisted the United States Marshals Service to protect him and his family…

The increased security has cost millions of dollars, and American taxpayers are footing the bill…

According to the New York Times, security costs for Smith, his family, and the dozens of investigators working on the case amounted to $1.9 million for the first four months since the team was appointed in November 2022.

Give me a break. The D.C. swamp is so thick, they’ll go out of their way to find new methods of bilking Americans out of their money. Smith claims that he was receiving threats because he is investigating Donald Trump.

He was able to hire the U.S. Marshals to protect him. Really? Couldn’t hire anyone more expensive?

The U.S. Marshals Service is an elite group of federal police who hunt down fugitives and dangerous criminals. Why on earth are they being paid millions to protect this fraud? Smith was hired by the DOJ to ensure Trump isn’t elected in 2024.

Other swamp dwellers defended this cheating of the American people by saying it is “actually pretty cheap.” Unbelievable. Democrats abuse the system to go after their top rival, charging us millions to do it.

And they are calling it “cheap.” Yet, it is pretty cheap, considering how far they are willing to do to destroy Americans’ faith in democracy.

This is further proof that Democrats will do anything to transfer wealth from hard-working Americans, into their pockets. To them, democracy is just a fast path to getting rich and powerful.


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