• April 20, 2024

ALERT: Biden May Have Infected Countless People With COVID!

When the CDC has said previously that taking these vaccines will not make the COVID virus go away, we are all blown – contrary to what they are pushing during the start of the pandemic to lure more people to take the jab.

Why? Simply because all these mandates have been seriously useless and recently, Joe Biden himself could not even follow his own protocol.

It went viral when Joe Biden was hugging the crowd with no mask on. Seriously?

Then it can be seen on one video posted on Twitter that this ridiculous president has spit saliva to women.

Watch it here:

Meanwhile, Caleb Hull could no longer take it when Joe Biden kept on coughing on his hands then shaking other people’s hands. Filthy old man.

Even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has called the campaign rally a “super spreader event” and video of it has gone viral nationwide.

He said on a statement, “We can’t get over those live pictures of Joe Biden breathing on strangers, coughing up phlegm and smearing it on people with his hands, and clearly, that’s the real hacking scandal. It wasn’t the Russians it was Joe Biden’s lungs…Repulsive!”

Watch it here: Rumble/Fox News Video

I could not agree more.

Why should we be really following these mandates if it goes compromised when a politician tries to promote another politician? Like Biden doing for Terry McAuliffe, a former Democrat Governor who is locked in a tight race with Republican Glenn Youngkin.

The GOP Newsfeed has confirmed that McAuliffe’s polling lead collapsed to a tawdry 7 points with 9% of voters undecided and a margin of error of 4% +/-. McAuliffe and VA Democrats are definitely feeling the squeeze and clinging to Biden’s coattails is a recipe for disaster to court the moderates they need, simply desperate.

Should we boycott these vaccines? or this old man’s mandates that he has troubles with it.

Source: The GOP Times

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