• June 22, 2024

ALERT: Instagram Model Found DEAD In The Most TRAGIC Way Possible!


A popular Instagram model and influencer were found dead in her Houston-area apartment, and authorities believe her death was the result of a murder-suicide.

Miss Mercedes Morr, real name Janae Gagnier, boasted millions of social media followers, with 2.6 million on Instagram alone. She was 33 years old.

Some of her Instagram followers include major stars like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. She also had a presence on OnlyFans.

She last posted on her Instagram grid one week ago.

According to ABC-13:

Authorities have confirmed that Gagnier was found dead at the Cortland Apartments located at 5200 Pointe West Circle in Richmond.

Gagnier died of strangulation and traumatic concussion.

The body of a man, who is believed to be the suspect in Gagnier’s killing, was also located in the residence. The man has been identified as 34-year-old, Kevin Alexander Accorto, who has an address in Florida.

At this point in the investigation, police said they do not believe there was a relationship between the suspect and the victim.

The cause of death for both individuals is pending autopsy results from the Fort Bend County Medical Examiner.

Police said this is being considered a murder-suicide. There is an ongoing investigation to determine a motive in the case.

Jenae Gagnier’s father, Mark Gagnier, and his girlfriend went to check on her, after not hearing from Jenae over the weekend. Mark had been concerned for a while about his daughter’s fanbase and recalled a conversation he had with her often.

He remembered telling her, “My monthly conversation is: ‘Jenae you have all these followers. Some probably because they love you, some because they like your look, some more crazy, and some obsessed.’”

“My daughter was beautiful, that scared the hell out of me,” he added.

When Mark Gagnier and his girlfriend arrived at Jenae’s home, they discovered that the doors were locked, and the Instagram model still wasn’t answering her phone. Fearing the worst, her father kicked the door in.

Mark said, “I knew something was up, so I didn’t hesitate to kick the door down,”

“What I saw, I wouldn’t want any parent to go through.”

At first, he thought his daughter had had an accident, as he found her body curled up at the base of the staircase with her clothes torn. But, as soon as he walked upstairs into her bedroom, he realized the horrific truth.

In Jenae’s bedroom was Kevin Alexander Accorto, 34, with a knife stuck in his neck.

Mark Gagnier said, “He was twitching, he was gurgling, I could look in the room and there’s writings all over the wall.

Accorto, who eventually died from the self-inflicted wound, had written all over the walls using Jenae’s lipstick. His writings included everything from declarations of love to unhinged rants.

According to Rolling Stone, “Janae led me to think she cared about me but wore another man’s ring,”  read one,“I should’ve stayed in Florida,” read another.

Another said, “I wish I’d never met her,”

“I was used for money,” said another.

Despite all of these claims in Accorto’s writings, investigators do not believe that Jenae and the stalker had any connection beyond social media.

Jenae’s mother told Rolling Stone, “She was so loving and such a kind spirit, She was Mercedes Morr to so many. But she was Jenae Gagnier to her family and her loved ones, who miss her dearly.”

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