• June 15, 2024

And Now The Woke Mob Is Coming For Legendary Game Show Host Pat Sajak For….

When Pat Sajak gets ridiculed for posing for a photo with a sitting member of Congress, you know it’s a slow news day.

The Left went crazy when Sajak, 75, was shown in a photo with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Along with Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune is a staple of game show programming, and Sajak has long served as its host, Greene is anathema to the Left who is despised by the Left as much as Donald Trump.

Well, it’s not exactly a secret that Pat Sajak is a Republican.

Although he doesn’t talk politics, so I think it’s also safe to say that at this point, he likely knows his job is pretty safe no matter what he does since his show is such an institution. He’s the Chairman of the Board of Hillsdale College anyway. Since the Left demonizes anything they don’t like as being a holdover of the Third Reich, Greene’s labeling as a Nazi which isn’t significant.

Sajak’s decision to pose for a photo with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene caused the left to erupt in rage (R-GA). Greene is not simply a Republican; he is also a blatant MAGA supporter and opponent of the left. Bryan Glenn, a reporter for Right Side Broadcasting, was also in the image. When and where the photo was taken is unknown.

However, this freakout is amusing because it’s all focused on choosing the “lesser of who cares.” Why raise your blood pressure over a game show host? I’m not picking on Sajak, but the man presents one of the last remaining examples of politically neutral entertainment: hangman, people.

As competitors predict letters for money, co-host Vanna White reveals the letters on the board while Sajak commands them to “spin that wheel.” Although it doesn’t get any less political, one image prompts some of the most irrational leftists to target a game show host.

“The company you keep is quite unfortunate. Will be changing the channel when you spin the wheel,” one woman wrote.

“I can never look at Pat Sajak the same again!! He is a traitor to our democracy. No more Wheel of Fortune for me!! Sorry, but I have principles. And, being against the fascist Republican regime in this country is uppermost of those principles,” another tweeted.

You have the freedom to take photos with whomever you want in this country, which I know liberals find disturbing.

Once more, this is the left in all of their bigotry. Sajak must be canceled since he isn’t even permitted to be in photos with her without being labeled a “traitor” or posing with “Nazis.” Sajak probably doesn’t give care about any of these people’s opinions because they probably don’t even watch his show, in my view.

The only people who find any offensive qualities in taking photos with members of the House of Representatives are liberals; the left wants to cancel anyone who might be on the right, that’s how they are.

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