• June 22, 2024

Are 3D Printed Steaks On The Way For You?

If you want to be completely honest about it, it’s not just coming soon; it’s occurring right now.

People, what a world we live in. We had steaks a few years back. Just….steaks. They originated in cows. Yes, there were various grades.

USDA Select. USDA Premium. Choose USDA. Wagyu. dried out. aged wet. But God gave them to us all as steaks from cows.

Everything was fairly basic.

Then this year, out of nowhere, mRNA beef appeared, infecting almost the whole beef supply.

If you managed to avoid that, we recently learned that “Lab-Grown Meat” has been authorized in the United States for two distinct corporations that will sell it to us most likely without being labeled.

Sounds so appetizing, right?

Looks even worse, trust me.

But allow me to open your eyes on a tour of this atrocity (and then stay tuned below that because I DO have a solution for you if you want to avoid this crap and the mRNA beef and the Lab-Grown Beef!)…

Here it is, 3D Printed food:

That Tweet is 100% right.

You take away everything natural and who wants to bet we get SICKER not HEALTHIER?

Any takers on that bet?

One of the leaders is “Steakhodler Foods”.

Such a cheeky name, haha charming.

Watch this:

And for anyone thinking this is just Twitter and it’s not real, sadly it’s real.

Here is CNN doing a segment on it:





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