• June 12, 2024

Biden And Kamala’s Handlers Are About To Throw Them To The Wolves!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ days in the office are now numbered. This is after new political tremors which indicate that their handlers may be preparing to remove them from their positions.

The Biden regime’s rising numbers of failures for the last months had affected the elites who were in charge of him and at the same time, they do increase the risk of us voters replacing Biden, which puts them at risk of being replaced.

Here’s what Roger Kimball wrote on American Greatness website:

The people who put Joe Biden in power—I cannot name them, but I know they are the same people who keep him in power—do not care about inflation, rising gas and food prices, COVID lockdowns or mask mandates, the porousness of our Southern border, the threat of war with Russia, or the myriad other issues that worry ordinary voters. I am quite certain, in fact, that the word “voters” brings a vaguely contemptuous smile to their faces.

This shows that both Biden and Clinton were hand-picked by elites who again made big mistakes. In 2016 elites underestimated the hatred that the average American has for Hillary Clinton and in 2020 they made the same, they underestimated just how awful Joe Biden could be.

Endless unpopular policy and jupiterean leadership, showing a complete disconnect with the public–both those who voted for and against him–has left Biden with low approval ratings throughout his entire presidency. It is this low approval, and not the horrible policies themselves, which scare Biden’s handlers. In their world, we’d be smiling while they force-feed us his garbage. But we’re not.

Kimball added:

With 60 percent of respondents disapproving of the job Biden is doing, and 50 percent “strongly” disapproving. It’s the worst showing yet, and many commentators are rubbing salt into the wound by stressing the adverb: We’ve been traveling down this road for months, they say, and so far every “worst yet” turns out to be tomorrow’s “hold my beer” moment.

Given the fact that almost every day a new layer of awful to Biden’s performance is revealed and with his son Hunter’s laptop is now finally verified, his handler has no other choice but to eject him and Harris from the position.

A logical prediction was noted by Kimball before he finishes his article.

This brings me back to the disturbance in the force with which I began. Why do you suppose that the New York Times has decided, finally, at this late date, to acknowledge that the story that the New York Post broke about Hunter’s laptop was true?

I suspect that Joe Biden is being prepped for ejection.

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, AM Greatness

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