• July 23, 2024

Biden Nods Off, Mumbles Incoherently During Meeting With Israeli President Herzog

It has been recently reported that Joe Biden, our fearless leader, is in pretty bad shape. On Tuesday, he was seen publicly for the first time after his return from Europe last Thursday and he did not appear to be… well…awake.

At an Oval Office meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, 80-year-old Joe Biden was hunched over and mumbled incoherently as reporters watched on.

He continuously repeated words such as “uhhhh” and other unintelligible mumbling when trying to form sentences. When questions were put forward by those present, President Biden ignored them and media personnel were quickly asked to leave the room.

Tania Joy Gibson, a popular podcast host on Spreely TV noted: “This appearance is concerning due to the fact that four days prior, at a rally in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden was spotted nibbling on a baby’s arm”

This behavior had people questioning his mental capabilities even then. The decline in President Biden’s physical well-being within such a short period of time has raised alarm bells among both citizens and political analysts (and frankly his propaganda team in the fake news media).

The folks at the Gateway Pundit reported:

Biden held a bilateral meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

80-year-old Joe Biden hunched over and mumbled incoherently during the meeting.

“And we brought Israelis and Palestinians together on a political level and they uh – uh – and they uh – and uh [unintelligible].

Biden ignored questions as the press was kicked out of the room.

He’s completely shot.

Even the foreign press is making fun of Biden. Albawaba, a Middle East news outlet took shots too:

Herzog’s paid a trip to the White House on July 18 with the aim to “demonstrate steadfast American commitment to Israel,” CNN reported.

During the visit, Biden was holding talks with Israeli president then he was seen holding his hands together and talking while his eyes were closed where many claimed he feel asleep while talking.

The video has gone viral on social media and Memes crashed the internet where many people mocked the 80-year-old U.S. president.

Some allegedly claimed that Biden was talking while sleeping. Another called him: “Sleeping beauty- in reference to Disney Princess which is famous for sleeping.”

In the footage, Herzog was seen weirdly looking at Biden who was seen with his eyes closed then he looked at press as according to social media users he was speechless and helpless.

A netizen said: “My dream Is to sleep as peacefully as Joe Biden during a meeting.”

Another added: “Israeli president tries to figure out if Biden is still awake or talking in his sleep.”


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