• July 17, 2024

Biden Suffers An Unexpected Loss That Will Change The White House…


Another Biden administration nominee just ran out of gas and is hitting the road.

It isn’t any wonder that these “climate change” nominees from President Joe Biden continue to fail under scrutiny. This latest pick was an attempt by Biden to slip another radical into a long-term, protected federal job where she could destroy access to gas-powered vehicles.

I keep asking why these people hate cheap fuel for everyday citizens.

This latest nominee to fall was for administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Sure, sneak another fossil fuel hater into a job where she can’t get fired and can attack gas vehicles indefinitely.

But the president’s nominee, Ann Carlson, was a bust after months of waiting for Congressional approval. Biden finally caved on Tuesday and announced “she” was withdrawing from her nomination.

Republicans were onto this climate change activist from the start.

“Ann Carlson’s withdrawal is a powerful blow to radical environmentalists who are attempting to enlist NHTSA into an outrageous attempt at banning gas-powered vehicles,” Senate Commerce Committee Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Carlson, a left-leaning environmental law professor was appointed by Biden as acting administrator without Senate approval. She has served in that position since September and has worked on important agency initiatives such as the modification of fuel economy standards.

Those initiatives place a higher cost on consumers using gas-powered vehicles while administrative activists like Carlson promote electric vehicles.

Biden is once again bruised and recoiling after this third nominee was sent packing. Biden’s nomination for the Federal Communications Commission and his pick to lead the Federal Aviation Administration were both recently withdrawn.

And wouldn’t you know, Carlson’s plans in this expected new role were undone by her climate change activism discovered in, yes, email correspondence.

She expressed to colleagues plans of controlling policy for fuel economy of cars and trucks because she would be “appointed along with the deputy administrator as the first NHTSA appointees ever with serious climate expertise.”

Cruz plans to continue Commerce Committee opposition to the anti-gasoline environmentalists that Biden proposes.

“I am proud of our work at the Commerce Committee to stop another extremist nominee from imposing a climate-alarmist agenda on the American people,” Cruz said.

This was a win for hard-working Americans who need affordable gas vehicles to keep the economy and their households running.



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