• June 15, 2024

BREAKING: Now There’s Evidence Of Ballots From Asia?

I am not sure if you remember this, but months ago there were reports that many ballots were shipped from Asia. Of course, the mainstream media and social media sites banned this information, chalking it up to more “right-wing conspiracies”. However, these weren’t just some high school rumor, but from witnesses who saw ballots filled in for Biden only.

Now, forensic auditors who are working tirelessly over all these ballots are examining them for traces of bamboo.

Is it possible that the CCP is in fact, tampering with our elections?

I don’t mean just hacking into our systems but actually falsifying paper ballots.

This is an entirely separate issue from the Dominion software issues, which is what makes all of this incredibly insane!

Here is more on the story:

Here is more from Business Insider :

John Brakey, the co-founder of a group called AUDIT (an acronym for Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections), told CBS reporter Dennis Welch that “5K cameras” were being used to take snapshots of the ballots and examine the folds in the ballots.

The far-fetched theory rests on the idea that tracings of bamboo would prove that the ballots were created abroad, despite the fact that not all paper made from bamboo is milled in Asia, and in fact, there are several bamboo forests in the US.

Additionally, while bamboo pulp paper does exist in China, not all paper produced in China contains traces of bamboo as the country continues to have a thriving wood pulp and timber industry.

Check out these tweets from inside the audit:

This is what a CBS affiliate had to say about it.

AZ Family:

Brakey says this isn’t his first time contesting an election. “We’ve been around 17 years. We worked all over the country for the last five years. I’m litigation of Florida. I’ve sued Alabama. I negotiated in Virginia. I sued in Ohio, and I’ve been in 18 states, just working elections, and I all started because of the Bernie Sanders election in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. I’m the guy who sued the whole state.”

Some in the Asian-American community are claiming racism, following allegations that there is bamboo in Arizona’s election ballots.

While the claims are baseless, advocates say they are dangerous to the Asian-American community that’s already under attack. “This is disgusting. On behalf of the AAPI community, we are so offended. This is racism 101,” said Leezah Sun.

Sun is the founder of Strength in Unity, a group that fights for racial equality in Arizona. She says the conspiracy theory only fuels hate, especially during a time when anti-Asian violence is on the rise. “It is almost like the last straw,” she said. “It is so baseless. We want to know who came up with this?”

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