• July 17, 2024

The Clintons Are Shaking As A Judge Calls For Documents In Relation To Jeffery Epstein

The Clintons are once again in the spotlight over the latest motions from the Ghislaine Maxwell/Epstein trials. The Clintons have been the subject of countless CORRUPT scandals and it is a shame they are not already locked up for all their wrong-doings.

How one couple can be so obviously guilty from their criminal past and still float within the governing body of America is just shameful. The latest from this court case should aim to get us one step closer to convicting these criminals.

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A New York federal judge ruled on Thursday to unseal court documents from Ghislaine Maxwell, an accused child sex trafficker who was the associate of sex predator Jeffrey Epstein.

“The judge also ruled that documents relating to a request from [Virginia Roberts] Giuffre for email accounts that Maxwell allegedly kept secret from the court should also be made public,” the Daily Mail reported. “The documents are part of a tranche of material gradually being released by Judge Preska from the defamation case [Virginia Roberts Giuffre] filed against Maxwell in 2016 for calling her a liar.”

Giuffre’s legal team demanded the documents be turned over on a wide range of issues, including documents related to any funding that Maxwell may have received from Clinton organizations.

“The parties are required to submit unsealed documents to the court — with redactions to black out the identifying information of all non-party Does — in two weeks,” Law & Crime reported.

Watch out Bill & Hillary, you can’t get away with all of this for long.

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