• June 21, 2024

“Dead Robots”: Electric Car Charging Stations Suffer Catasrophic Winter Failure In Biden Backed Liberal City..

As someone who grew up in a rural area in the Midwest where the temperatures in the winter can get to the point of being an honest-to-goodness health hazard, there are definitely more situations that you have to prepare for than someone might think..

In a recent test of Chicago’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, the city faced a “disaster” as sub-zero temperatures wreaked havoc on the charging stations. The bitter cold prompted a surge of EV owners rushing to charge their vehicles before the frigid weather rendered the charging stations inoperable, as reported by Fox 32 Chicago.

Frustration mounted among EV owners, with one individual lamenting the situation, exclaiming, “We got a bunch of dead robots out here,” referring to the motionless EVs and malfunctioning charging stations. The Tesla supercharging station in Oak Brook became a scene of chaos as numerous Tesla drivers encountered long queues and abandoned vehicles, creating a sense of desperation.

Tyler Beard, attempting to charge his Tesla at the Oak Brook supercharging station, expressed his dismay, stating, “Nothing. No juice. Still on zero percent.” His unsuccessful attempts spanned hours, underscoring the challenges faced by EV owners in the harsh weather conditions. Other Tesla drivers shared similar tales of woe, with Chalis Mizelle leaving her EV stranded at the charging station and Kevin Sumrak resorting to a flatbed tow truck to rescue his dead Tesla battery after landing at O’Hare International Airport.

Mark Bilek from the Chicago Auto Trade Union shed light on the situation, emphasizing the learning curve associated with EVs. Bilek highlighted that extremely cold weather poses challenges for EVs, emphasizing the need for drivers to press the preconditioning button before attempting to charge the vehicle’s battery. Contrary to the common misconception of a seamless “plug and go” experience, Bilek stressed the importance of preconditioning the battery to optimize its temperature for a fast charge.

The recent episode in Chicago serves as a stark reminder that while EVs offer an eco-friendly alternative, they come with unique challenges, particularly in harsh weather conditions. As EV adoption continues to grow, it becomes crucial for both manufacturers and users to adapt and address these challenges, ensuring a more resilient and reliable electric vehicle infrastructure in the face of varying climates.

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