• April 13, 2024

Defund Police? Here’s Texas Governor’s EPIC Response

It took Austin, Texas police nearly thirteen minutes to respond to a report of a headshot victim over the weekend. This is something Gov. Greg Abbott says is a direct result of cities being allowed to defund the police.

Abbott has had enough and plans to revoke those privileges which are not allowing the police force to properly respond and protect the people of Texas.

This past year Austin taxpayers voted to defund the police department over $150 million dollars. A staggering amount that directly impacts staffing shifts and therefore severely impacts response times.

With crime rates on the rise, Austin and the state of Texas can’t afford to cut any more corners when it comes to the safety of their citizens and police force.

Earlier this week Abbott tweeted “This is what defunding the police looks like. Austin is incapable of timely responding to a victim shot in the head.  Texas won’t tolerate this. We’re about to pass a law-that I will sign-that will prevent cities from defunding police. Sanity & safety will return”

The bill in question is House Bill 1900 and it “effectively prevents cities from defunding municipal police agencies by drying up resources.”

The people of Austin sought to punish the police by diminishing their budget but the only people who will see those damaging impacts are the people of Texas.

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