• June 13, 2024

Democrat NYC Mayor Adams Now Thinks He’s Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ [VIDEO]

In a recent address in Brooklyn, New York City’s left-wing Mayor Eric Adams stirred controversy by likening himself to Jesus and proudly touting his administration as a “chocolate” haven. Adams, facing criticism for his controversial “sanctuary city” policies and lavish spending on migrants, attempted to deflect attention by emphasizing the racial composition of his appointed officials.

Standing in a school gymnasium, Adams introduced members of his administration, emphasizing the racial diversity he claims to champion. With a flair for theatricality, he asked the crowd, “Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the city of New York?” in what appeared to be an attempt to highlight his commitment to diversity.

The mayor, seemingly aware of the skepticism surrounding his policies, sought to justify his approach by suggesting that the backlash he faced was due to his efforts to elevate black candidates. Using a tone some might describe as pandering, Adams asked the audience, “You tryin’ ta figure out why they hatin’ on me?”

In an unexpected turn, Adams drew a parallel between himself and Jesus in Matthew 21:12, recounting the biblical story of Jesus turning tables in the temple. Adams asserted, “Ma’am, this is a Matthew 21 and 12 moment. Jesus walked in the temple, he saw them doing wrong in the temple, he did what?… I went to City Hall to turn the table over.”

Claiming credit for appointing the first woman police commissioner of color and the first Spanish-speaking police commissioner and corrections commissioner, Adams aimed to showcase the purported achievements of his administration. However, critics argue that Adams’ obsession with appointing black officials may not accurately reflect the diverse demographics of New York City.

According to U.S. Census data, New York City’s population comprises 37.5 percent white residents, 29 percent Hispanic, 23.1 percent black, and 14.5 percent Asian. Despite this diversity, Adams continues to emphasize his commitment to a predominantly black administration.

Social media commentators were quick to express their skepticism and lack of enthusiasm for Adams’ self-praise. Some pointed out his attempts to divert attention from ongoing controversies, including an FBI investigation into one of his fundraisers for potential illegal contributions from foreign nationals and criticisms of his handling of the migrant crisis exacerbated by President Joe Biden’s border policies.

Adams’ determination to highlight the racial composition of his administration raises questions about his priorities and his response to the pressing issues facing New York City. As the mayor attempts to shift the narrative, his critics remain focused on holding him accountable for the challenges the city faces under his leadership.

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