• May 25, 2024

Doctors Amputate Perfectly Good Fingers of Mentally Ill ‘Body Dysphoria’ Patient

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Canadian doctors operated on and removed the fingers of a young man who claimed to be afflicted by “body dysphoria,” Harbinger’s Daily reported.

According to a case study published last month, the man had several fingers removed in an “elective amputation” in order to address his “substantial” distress. Researchers called the elective amputation a “viable and highly satisfying intervention, aligning the individual’s physical self with their perceived identity.”

The report suggested that the 20-year-old had “body integrity identity disorder,” and was caused “profound distress” by his ring and pinky fingers of his left hand.

Doctors, despite initially being concerned about ethical considerations, proceeded with the surgery “based on the patient’s sustained desire, potential risks of self-harm, and the distinct presentation involving two fingers rather than a complete limb.”

Researchers concluded by claiming that the patient was relieved to have his fingers removed, and said that his nightmares about those fingers have ended.

They suggested further that the case might shed light “on the unique challenges faced by affected individuals and emphasizing the importance of understanding, support, and inclusive healthcare practices.”

The surgery may be an early warning sign that a new transhumanist trend is growing: transableism, or, the belief of some people that they were meant to be born into disabled bodies.

Effectively, the “transabled,” or those diagnosed with “body integrity identity disorder,” will have elective surgeries in order to remove limbs or otherwise render useless or dysfunctional some part of their bodies.

With the proliferation of transgenderism and shifts in the psychiatric field from healing to validating many identity-based mental disorders, some expressed concerns that transableism will soon receive similar support from medical activists.

If doctors were to get on board with transableism, it would come as no surprise. According to a recent Daily Mail report, the majority of doctors are in bed with Big Pharma, collecting massive paydays from the industry.

One Twitter user, Danish medical doctor Anastasia Maria Loupis, expressed her concern in a tweet last year reacting to a Fox News report on the transableist trend.

“Like I’ve said all along. It’s called mental illness,” she wrote.



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