• June 22, 2024

Don Jr’s Theory On What Happened To Kavanaugh Is Absolutely…

We’ve seen enough damage brought by this COVID-19 virus, adding insult to the people of America is an incompetent government headed by dementia Joe.

It wasn’t Trump’s fault that we have a bad for SCOTUS like Brett Kavanaugh. It was the nomination process that need to be changed.

Republican presidents are getting their nominee choices from the Bush-era establishment wasteland known as the Heritage Foundation. This is the type of institution that people like Liz Cheney loves.

This is too old to follow, I mean times are changing, and we need a new process. That group deciding who sits on The Supreme Court needs to be replaced or the entire process needs to change.

Here’s my suggested New Rule: If a potential nominee doesn’t think like Clarence Thomas, they need to go. If not, we’ll end up with another Kavanaugh – a total disappointment and abysmal failure.

He’s John Robert’s Jr.

John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh teamed up with the low-info liberal nut jobs on the SCOTUS and voted to KEEP the medical mandate in place. They’re all adding problems to our current situation. This needs to change now.

According to an NPR report:

The court voted 5 to 4 in the CMS case to uphold mandatory vaccinations for Medicare and Medicaid providers. The court’s three liberals were joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The court said that the vaccine mandate for health care workers was, unlike the OSHA regulation, justified as just the kind of detailed regulations that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has long imposed as a condition for health care providers getting federal funds.

In addition, the court said the regulation serves to protect patients from being exposed to greater risks when they are in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, ambulatory surgical care centers and other such medical providers.

Missy Crane of WayneDupree has more of this commentary piece:

Well, Don Jr. thinks he’s figured out what’s really going on with Brett Kavanaugh and why we “lost him.”

His theory goes off the assumption that the left always knew they couldn’t really stop Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, but they could “break” him, so when he finally got on the bench, he’d never be another “Clarence Thomas.”

Kinda like the back-alley thug who breaks your pinky finger, then tells you if you get out of line again, things will get a lot worse.

Here’s what Don Jr. said: “The left broke Kavanaugh. That was always their intention and it worked. They turned him into a Roberts.”

Sources: WayneDupree, NPR

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