• April 14, 2024

Everyone Had A Crush On Her In The 90s, But You’d Never Be Able To Recognize Her Today…

Heather Locklear, best known for her roles in popular TV shows like Melrose Place, was recently caught on camera by Daily Mail’s photographer enjoying a day of antiquing with her fiancé, Chris Heisser. The couple seemed to be having a great time as they browsed the stores in the antique mall at Whizin Market Square in Agoura Hills, California.

Locklear, who was photographed without makeup, looked happy and relaxed as she spent time with her high school sweetheart. The couple, who are often seen together, were acting like an old married couple as they laughed and chatted their way through the shopping center.

Locklear’s $4.8 million home is located just a few miles from the antique mall, and she was dressed casually in a Lauren Moshi “biting lip” skull logo T-shirt. Her fiancé was wearing a black polo shirt and was seen wearing a face mask while exiting the mall.

Locklear has had her share of troubles in the past, including a problem with substance abuse that led her to enter a rehabilitation program in 2018. However, she appears to be doing much better now and is enjoying her time out in the sun with Heisser.

According to a witness who spoke to Daily Mail, Locklear, and Heisser are very comfortable together and seem to be genuinely happy in each other’s company. Locklear wasn’t wearing her engagement ring during the outing, but that’s not necessarily a cause for concern, as she’s been seen without it in the past.

Locklear and Heisser were looking for a gift item and emerged from the antique shop with a small bag in Locklear’s hand. The couple was laughing as they walked away, and Locklear seemed to be enjoying Heisser’s company.

Locklear’s fans are thrilled to see her doing well and enjoying her time with Heisser. The couple’s relationship appears to be going strong, and it’s clear that they are very happy together. As Locklear continues to move forward with her life, it’s clear that she’s focusing on herself and the things that make her happy, and that’s something that we can all appreciate.

Sources: AWM, DailyMail

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