• June 13, 2024

Footage Has Emerged Of Moments Before Man Ran Directly Into Jet Engine At Salt Lake Airport.. [VIDEO]


A tragic incident unfolded at Salt Lake City International Airport when 30-year-old Kyler Efinger of Park City was found dead in the turbine of a Delta jet on the evening of January 1. Reports from KSTU-TV reveal that Efinger’s desperate efforts to access the runway led him into the perilous engine of an Airbus A220-100, which was undergoing de-icing at the time. Unfortunately, the turbine’s blades were in motion when Efinger was discovered.

Video footage obtained by KSTU illustrates Efinger’s frantic attempts to reach the runways. He initially tried an inaccessible door, ran to experiment with another, and resorted to pounding on a window with his shoes. Eventually, he was captured on camera running down a stairwell after forcefully opening a door. The concluding frames, from a thermal imaging camera, depict Efinger heading toward the jet.

Kyler Efinger’s father, Judd Efinger, revealed that his son experienced a mental health crisis at the airport due to delays that caused him to miss a flight to visit his dying grandfather. According to KPCW-TV in Park City, Utah, Judd Efinger explained, “After 10 years you sort of get good at seeing the behavior. You know, he just gets really short and high energy. So, then it turns to triggers and things that trigger him — his journey through the airport, he had a bunch of triggering events.”

The father continued to describe how Kyler Efinger felt profiled at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint, leading to the extended delay that caused him to miss his flight. Judd Efinger received a distressing call from his son after the missed flight, expressing concern about the unfolding situation. He sensed that things were not going to end well.

In addition to prescribed medication for bipolar disorder, Kyler Efinger reportedly self-medicated with marijuana. The tragic incident underscores the complex interplay of mental health issues, airport-related stressors, and the challenges faced by individuals grappling with psychiatric conditions. The devastating outcome highlights the need for enhanced awareness and support mechanisms for those navigating mental health crises in high-stress environments like airports.

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