• July 13, 2024

Former Emmy Winning ABC Producer Has Pled Guilty To HORRIBLE Child Sex Crimes….

On Friday morning in a federal courthouse in Virginia, James Gordon Meek, a former ABC News producer and five-time Emmy nominee as a reporter pled guilty to possessing child pornography.

In a press release, the Department of Justice revealed that 53-year-old Meek had admitted guilt to the transportation and possession of materials including child sexual abuse.

According to the DOJ, Meek shared and received distressing pictures and videos showing children having sex with adults while he was visiting South Carolina in February 2020 from his home in Virginia.

WARNING: The following descriptions of the material and messages discovered in the investigation contain graphic language which some may find disturbing.

He allegedly used a chat program on a smartphone to have in-depth chats about his sexual preferences for kids.

Images and videos of prepubescent children, as well as at least one file showing an infant being raped, were apparently among the files that were located on the phone.

The file, according to The Associated Press, was a film that Meek and two other individuals discussed.

The FBI initially searched Meek’s home last year when Dropbox alerted them to several videos he was storing on its servers, according to The New York Post.

Several electronic devices were taken into custody. Earlier this year, in February, Meek was detained and charged.

According to the investigators, Meek sent and received unsettling communications as well as disturbing photographs.

Some of these were from as recently as 2014.

“Have you ever raped a toddler girl? It’s amazing,” one message typed by Meek and obtained by investigators read.

He allegedly discussed “abducting, drugging, and raping” a 12-year-old girl in another chat.

Other communications he sent were to youngsters under the age of 18, and according to the Washington Post, he reportedly possessed secret information on one computer.

According to the AP, which cited a government document, the former journalist and producer allegedly “portrayed himself as a girl” occasionally and “used Snapchat and other apps to pressure minors into sending him sexually explicit images.”

After working as a national security reporter for the New York Daily News for a while, Meek was hired by ABC News in 2013.

Following the FBI raid on his residence in April 2022, he left ABC News.

The hearing to determine Meek’s sentence is set for September 29. According to the DOJ, he could receive up to 40 years in jail and will likely receive a mandated minimum sentence of five years.


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