• May 23, 2024

Former Obama Fundraiser: Letitia James’s Trump Vendetta a ‘Very Slippery Slope’

(Headline USA) A former fundraiser for President Barack Obama admitted this week that New York Attorney General Letitia James’s case against former President Donald Trump was “so wrong.”

Trump was ordered last month to pay a massive $400 million fine by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who presided over James’s civil lawsuit against the former president and his business empire. Trump now has to remit a $464 million bond if he wants to appeal Engoron’s decision.

Don Peebles, a millionaire who helped fundraise for Obama’s first campaign, said the case could have a serious chilling effect on business in New York and that James never should have pursued it.

“I have expressed concern that I think that this is a very slippery slope to selectively enforce an archaic law that has got no victim,” he told Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

Peebles added that the hefty remittance bond being forced on Trump was an effort by James and the state to do as much damage to the former president while it could.

“I think they are confident—or think it’s likely—that this will get reversed, and then there will be no punishment,” he said. “So they’re rushing to inflict as much pain on him as they can right now because once the appeals court puts an end to this, then there will be no repercussions.”

Peebles, a Miami Beach-based real estate developer, remains good friends with the Obamas, but has become more critical of the Democratic Party under the Biden administration. Last month, he called on the party to ditch President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“I think that the Democratic Party should turn the page,” Peebles said.

“… I don’t see how [Biden] can beat Donald Trump,” he added. “If all that’s been thrown at the former president has been thrown at him, and he’s still ahead in the polls—it’s telling us all something that Americans don’t want [Biden] and this administration anymore, and it’s time for him to move on for the good of the country.”


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