• April 21, 2024

Gen. Flynn Confirms It Was All A PLANNED Conspiracy

Okay, this shouldn’t surprise anyone since it was painfully obvious that COVID was the perfect setup to crash the economy and make President Trump look bad. As you remember, at that time last year, the economy was booming and fewer people were unemployed than we had seen in years. More small businesses were opening, the housing market was on the rise, and general optimism throughout the country was general.

However, the left knew all those key markers would make it a tough sell to the public to buy into their liberal policies. No one in their right mind would trade all of that for unemployment, stress, and lack of funds in their bank account. So, the left did what they had to do to make it happen and it worked like a charm.

While we all have been called nuts for saying it and that we are all just conspiracy theorists, General Flynn came right out and said it.

What makes Flynn’s statement even more satisfying is that he is a mainstream figurehead and no one as high profile as he has said this publicly.

Point blank, he just went on record as saying this:

Michael Flynn said today that covid was a conspiracy to control the American people and divert attention away from stealing the election. He said it is not a problem in the rest of world, and he doesn’t worry about it because he has been taking hydroxychloroquin for 30 years.

In other words….they had this planned LONG in advance.

Needless to say, you never underestimate a wounded animal in a cage and that is exactly how the left was acting.

They sent our country through Hell in a PLANNED-demic just because they knew they could never defeat Donald Trump in an open and honest election.

Let that sink in.


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And here’s another one where he speaks even longer on the topic.

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