• July 17, 2024

Georgia Passes Law To Make Elections Fair, Biden Now Suing the State. WHAT?! Wait Until You See Why

One thing we have learned from the last election is that there has been some seriously questionable vote-counting among numerous states in the country. Many are still currently battling recounts and it is safe to say everyone should question the validity of the current President being voted into the office.

The latest comes from the President himself as his Administration wants nothing to do with election reform if it does not benefit the Democrats. Speaking of the Democrats, they are the party who doesn’t believe it is necessary to show ID when voting because it is discriminating.

Here is more info from FoxNews On Georgia’s new legislation:

Among the most high-profile provisions of the controversial new Georgia election law is a change in how the state verifies the identity of voters who request and cast absentee ballots.

The change eliminates signature-matching — a process that can be subjective at times — as the method of confirming absentee voters’ identities. Instead, if voters have a driver’s license number or a state ID number, they are required to use that to verify who they are.

And this is why Biden is selfishly suing the state, FoxNews:

DOJ announced Friday that it is suing Georgia over the state’s new election law, alleging Republican state lawmakers rushed through a sweeping overhaul with an intent to deny Black voters equal access to the ballot.

This change has been criticized by many as likely to make it more difficult for Georgians, specifically minorities who are more likely to vote Democratic, to vote by mail. However, the law also provides Georgia voters who don’t have a photo ID with a plethora of different options to confirm their identity when requesting a ballot.

I guess trying to make an election fair is discriminating. Hard to believe that getting an ID with a picture of yourself is too much to ask for. Or do Democrats not want future elections to be fair so what has happened in the last election can continue?

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