• April 20, 2024

The Internet Has Spotted a ‘Lump’ on Biden’s Head — Now People Think They Know What It Is

President Joe Biden gave another speech to the American people that reminded everyone that whoever is writing his speeches must be using a Mad Libs template to do it. Biden’s speech was riddled with odd comments and strange gaffes that have everyone scratching their heads.

And while we are on the topic of heads the internet noticed something strange on Biden’s head that sent the comment section on fire.

The founder of Grabien, a video aggregation service used by a number of online news sites, pointed out what appears to be a lump on Biden’s head.

“Hi, @PressSec— Can you please share any insights into what’s happened with President Biden’s head?” Tom Elliott asked on Twitter.

If you take a close look at Biden’s head you can see that it has some strange yellowish coloring which seems to point at possible bruising.

It is not clear from press reports why such a patch might have developed on Biden’s forehead. Thus, Americans took to speculating on what the possible issue might be.

“He had a (secret) face lift,” one user commented. “That’s a classic surgical residue mark.”

“[H]ematoma covered by a million dollar makeup job perhaps,” another said, “if so probably from a fall.”

“His botox injections are wearing off,” someone remarked.

“Too much plastic surgery and hair pluggery,” one person observed.

The speculation over the visible mark on Biden’s head accompanies yet more strange outbursts from the president.

Then there was this odd remark:


While it is unclear what is the cause of Biden’s lump on his forehead, there is a potential candidate that no one has yet considered.

Biden is developing Gorbachev Syndrome.

What do you think is the reason for Biden’s lump? Weigh in below.

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