• July 23, 2024

Grandpa Biden Just Had A Tantrum When An Honest Reporter Asked An Honest Question!

On Friday, at a press conference, Joe Biden faced questions about his mask-wearing.

Joe Biden is making himself look ridiculous by continuing his theater of the absurd and getting snippy with a reporter over his wearing of a mask at a press conference.

A reporter wondered why he insists on wearing a mask around other vaccinated people during the press conference on Friday. According to Daily Caller reports.

“You walked out to the podium with your mask on,” the reporter said. “Why do you choose to wear a mask so often when you’re vaccinated and you’re around other people who are vaccinated?”

“Because I’m worried about you. No, that’s a joke. It’s a joke,” Biden quipped back.

“Why am I wearing the mask? Because, when we’re inside, it’s still good policy to wear the mask. That’s why. When I’m outside — and the problem is: Lots of times, I walk away from this podium, you notice, I forget to put my mask back on because I’m used to not wearing it outside,” he said.

According to reports from Business Insider:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its mask guidelines in April, saying that fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear face-covering outside, except when in crowded settings.

Days after the CDC updated its guidelines, CNN anchor Jake Tapper questioned why Biden was still wearing a mask outdoors.

Biden’s senior advisor Anita Dunn told Tapper that the president “takes the CDC guidelines very seriously,” but also takes “some extra precautions.”

It came not long after Biden found himself in a panic when he was not able to find his mask at an outdoor speech.

Biden, who is fully vaccinated and wants everyone else to be vaccinated because he says, it keeps them safer, was in a panic looking for his lost mask at the end of his speech, The Washington Examiner reported.

President Joe Biden momentarily lost his mask following a speech marking 100 days in office Thursday evening in Duluth, Georgia.

His wife, first lady Jill Biden, walked over to him and pointed to her mask, after which the president, who is fully vaccinated but has made a point of setting an example for others in wearing a mask even when solo as a COVID-19 precaution, started looking around behind the podium.

With Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff approaching them on the stage, Biden could be seen flipping through a binder’s pages before he started shouting about how he could not find his mask.

“I’ve lost my mask! I can’t find my mask!” the panicked Biden was heard saying near the microphone as he looked for his mask.

“I’m looking for my mask! I’m in trouble!” he said into the microphone to the attendees.

Biden eventually got a mask and held it for the crowd to see before putting it on and walking off the stage.

But in a more consequential part of the speech, Biden answered protesters who demanded he abolishes Immigration and Customs Enforcement with a request for more time.

Joe Biden gave an ominous message to hecklers at a rally in Georgia when he was interrupted by them and their disdain for the current immigration system.

The protesters shouted, “end detentions now” and “abolish ICE” as well as “communities not cages” as Biden told a member of his staff to give them a microphone.

“I agree with you, I’m working on it, man, give me another five days,” Biden said in an attempt to end the heckling, and then he explained.

“Folks, you all know what they’re talking about. There should be no private prisons period. Private detention centers. They should not exist. And we’re working to close all of them,” he said.

But that is not what the hecklers said. They did not mention a thing about private prison. They mentioned abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We voted for you too,” one of the protesters said.

“I promise you,” Biden said, The Daily Mail reported.

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