• June 22, 2024

Gun Hating Liberals Just Learned What Happened When You Ban All Guns…

Chaos briefly erupted at a Washington D.C. anti-Second Amendment rally, when a man yelled “gunshot” during the March for Our Lives on Saturday afternoon, sending attendees into a panic and nearly causing a stampede.

One reporter said that the incident caused momentary chaos.

“Once people started running, others started running, causing momentary chaos and fear,” ABC7’s Ashlie Rodriguez said in a tweet.

After a deranged shooter murdered 19 children and two adult teachers at a Texas elementary school last month, the Biden administration and Democrats mobilized to capitalize on the tragedy. The March For Our Lives rally on the National Mall on Saturday was one of many nationwide protests calling for strict new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

Erica Ford, a speaker at the time and an architect of the New York City Crisis Management System urged the crowd to remain calm, averting a potentially disastrous situation.

“Do not run! Please do not run. There is no issue here,” she implored the terrified protesters.

“An individual interfered with a permitted event on the Washington Monument grounds,” the US Park Police said on Twitter, indicating that the issue was under control. Officers apprehended the individual. There were no weapons used, and there is no danger to the public.”

Imagine if there is danger, what could happen?

Well, the common refrain we hear from Dems after an act of violence is that the “Gun is the enemy,” The idea is that banning guns in any scenario is the way to make that scenario more secure.

Not thinking about the fact that whether or not the government says Criminals will continue to own guns illegally.

And if they always insist on their gun ban bill, what will happen when the other guy has a gun and you don’t? Who’ll save the day?

Fortunately, at the event, there wasn’t actually a shooter in attendance because if so, there will be another mass murder. Thanks for their effort in marching for gun control.

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