• June 15, 2024

Hard to Deny Coronavirus started in a Wuhan Lab, Donald Trump may have been right as the Evidence Just Keeps Growing

Everyone knows China has been anything but transparent when it comes to the Coronavirus including lack of information on death tolls, evidence of how this virus started making the obvious excuse from bats, and ultimately not giving the world enough information on what really goes on inside this Communist Country.

Growing evidence has proven more information that even Facebook cannot delete this time around. Donald Trump said it had came from a lab so of course the whole world opposes it, but now a former Science writer Nicholas Wade “flagged the real possibility that the NYC-based EcoHealth Alliance may have used federal funding to pay for coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” In these Chinese research labs there was even a scientist named “bat lady” who specifically did testing on bats and may have even discovered the SARS virus there!

More from the nypost.com:

“That this particular coronavirus showed up seemingly out of nowhere, perfectly suited to attack humans, would be quite the mystery if it hadn’t first popped up in a city with two virology institutes that were studying bat coronaviruses.

Notably, Anthony Fauci and Centers for Disease Control chief Rochelle Walensky have now both conceded that the pandemic might’ve started in that lab.”

As Americans work very hard to get out of hard times caused by this pandemic, China is still be able prosper without giving any evidence to infecting the whole world from their virus. These research labs need to be investigated and shut down, and the whole country needs to be held responsible!


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