• July 23, 2024

He Found A Victim On The Roadside, And Did The Worst Possible Thing….

Have you ever thought someone to be a good person, only to find he/she is the worst person you have ever met?

Well, we have all had toxic people dust us with their poison. At times it may seem that offering kindness comes with more pitfalls than pluses. As with so many things, people often work in ways that undermine their victims.

Unfortunately, most of the times, not all people who help you are interested in helping you; some of them probably don’t have good intentions towards you.  Just like a woman who was out for a drive on a sunny Sunday morning when things took a turn for the worse.

Kimberly Smith, a North Texas Police Department jail employee, found herself in a helpless position after a car accident on Highway 114 in Irving, Texas, when a man who had initially appeared to be a Good Samaritan, robbed her and left her stranded, while passersby ignored her plea for help.

Smith lost control of her car and it went off the road, flipping over and crashing. Fortunately, she was not critically injured, but the accident left her traumatized and helpless. That is until a man stopped his vehicle and approached her. But instead of being a Good Samaritan, he had other intentions. As Kimberly was searching for her phone, the man robbed her and fled in his red pickup truck.

The woman was shocked and hurt by what happened. As someone who works in law enforcement and has a father who served as a police officer, she knows how criminals can take advantage of people in vulnerable situations.

She said,Next thing I know, he’s gone, and my wallet is missing…He must be in a hard situation to feel the need to steal from someone that has just gone through a traumatic experience, who could have nearly died or suffered serious injuries.”

To make matters worse, after she was robbed, dozens of cars drove past without stopping to help. Kimberly was left alone and stranded until a TRUE kind-hearted man who was visiting Texas from out of state stopped to lend a helping hand. She is now trying to track him down online so she can thank him for his kindness.

Despite the traumatic experience, Smith is determined to move on and hopes that the man who robbed her is caught and brought to justice. Police are currently searching for him, but all they have to go on is the color of his pickup truck. It’s a reminder that there are good and bad people in the world, and that we should always be on guard and ready to help those in need.

WATCH the video below:

Sources: AWM, Foxla, Fox5dc



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