• June 19, 2024

He Found The Man That Abused His Daughter And Made Him Pay A HUGE Price…

A Washington father took matters into his own hands beat and stabbed a young man to death as retaliation for allegedly forcing his juvenile daughter into sex trafficking.

That’s what the police said John Eisenman did. He is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old Andrew Sorensen, according to the Spokane Police Department and published reports.

“In October 2020 Eisenman learned his juvenile daughter was allegedly sold to a sex-trafficking organization in the Seattle area,” police wrote. “Eisenman obtained information his daughter’s boyfriend (the deceased) may have been the one responsible for her sale. Eisenman was able to rescue his daughter and get her back to the Spokane area in October 2020.”

It’s alleged that Eisenman kidnapped and killed Sorensen after discovering he had sold his 19-year-old daughter to a sex trafficking gang in Seattle for $1,000.

The daughter was saved, but Eisenman allegedly learned in November 2020 that Sorensen was going to be in nearby Airway Heights, Washington, cops said. The 60-year-old allegedly abducted Sorensen, tied him up, put him in a car trunk, then beat him in the head with a cinder block and stabbed him repeatedly, officers said.

Eiseman killed Sorensen.

Eisenman drove the car to a remote area in north Spokane County and abandoned it there, officers said. For almost a year, Sorsensen’s body remained in the vehicle, undiscovered. That changed this October, police said. A third-party — who cops suggest did not know about the body — took the car and drove it to Spokane, according to officers.

“The vehicle, with the body still in the trunk, was abandoned at the Everett location,” police said. “While parked on Everett, individuals were rummaging through the car and taking items when they made the gruesome discovery.”

Eisenman faces a count of first-degree murder. He is held in lieu of a $1 million bond. Online records show no attorney of record.

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Source: AWM

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