• September 23, 2023

He Saw A Handyman Begging To Work, What Happened Next Will Warm….

In a world where people are really struggling to make ends meet, it’s pretty darn inspiring to come across stories of folks who don’t just give up. They keep on pushin’ and showin’ us what the good ol’ American spirit is all about. Well, let me tell ya, Robert Simpson‘s story is exactly that kind of tale.

Now, Robert, a 64-year-old fella from Louisville, Kentucky, had spent a good chunk of his life, twenty-five years to be exact, as a handyman. But then that dang pandemic hit, and everything went sideways. Robert found himself out of work and without a roof over his head. But did he just sit around and mope? Heck, no!

Instead of asking for handouts, Robert got himself a sign that read, “Handyman. 25 years exp. Need work,” and stood by the side of the road, hoping someone might notice his can-do attitude and give him a job. Now that, my friends, is what I call good ol’ American gumption.

You see, Robert’s story sticks out like a sore thumb against what the Democrats keep preaching. They tell us we need the government to hold our hands and solve our problems. But Robert’s grit and determination show us that the conservative value of self-reliance ain’t just a pipe dream.

While Robert and his family were living in a hotel, trying to get by on just $1,000 disability checks each month, Robert didn’t lose hope. He stood by the roadside for a whole week before his luck finally turned. A kind soul shared a picture of him on Instagram, asking folks to help him find work. And that’s when things started looking up.

A fella by the name of Kyle Kark, who owns Greenstar Home Remodeling, saw the post and decided to give Robert a shot. That’s when Robert said, “It feels excellent. It’s a blessing.” Now that’s the kind of attitude that makes this country great.

So, by sharing Robert’s story, we’re hoping to light a fire under folks who might’ve forgotten what the good ol’ conservative values of hard work, personal responsibility, and self-reliance are all about. Democrats might wanna keep folks depending on the government, but we know that ain’t the American way.

Let’s all take a page out of Robert Simpson‘s book and keep on fighting for the values that make this country the land of opportunity. Remember, it’s that never-give-up spirit that’ll get us through even the toughest of times.

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Source: AWM

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