• April 13, 2024

He Voted To Defund The Police, And Now He Is Asking Them For Favors…

A prominent councilor’s shocking reliance on law enforcement for personal protection unravels, casting doubt on their true stance towards the contentious police funding debate.

The councilor known for his stance “Defund The Police”,  Mike Bonin, a 53-year-old political figure who was deeply moved by George Floyd’s tragic death, fervently voted to strip the LAPD of a staggering $150 million in funds. And yet, this same counselor, who appeared so committed to decreasing the influence of law enforcement, has been revealed to have secretly relied on their protection multiple times to safeguard his home from protestors.

Unbeknownst to the councilor, the truth of his hypocrisy was exposed when a persistent Fox News reporter, Bill Melugin, got his hands on public records that detailed the eight instances since April in which the councilor requested LAPD assistance for his Venice Beach home. Understandably, the news raised eyebrows among the public, who questioned the councilor’s true intentions and beliefs regarding law enforcement.

Faced with the evidence, the councilor fiercely denied the accusations, claiming that he had never personally requested LAPD patrols at his residence. Instead, he explained that seven of the eight cited calls were generated by the LAPD themselves, without his request or even his knowledge. The only time he confessed to seeking police assistance was to collect syringes left on his doorstep by a right-wing protestor as evidence for further investigation.

Despite the councilor’s attempts to deflect the situation and justify his actions, the relentless Fox News reporter refused to back down. The reporter revealed that an informant within the LAPD confirmed the calls for service were made either by the counselor himself or a member of his staff. Armed with a text message from the insider, the reporter’s persistence raised even more doubts about the councilor’s true stance on law enforcement and the trustworthiness of his words.

The tense and heated exchange between the councilor and the reporter highlights the contentious and ongoing debate surrounding the issue of police funding and the potential ramifications of such decisions. It is a stark reminder that those in positions of power must remain consistent in their beliefs and actions, as the public’s trust is at stake. The councilor’s attempts to defend his actions raise crucial questions about his integrity and whether he is genuinely committed to the cause he claims to support.

The councilor’s apparent double standard, and the controversy it ignited, provide an opportunity for reflection and growth, not only for the individual involved but for all those in positions of authority who must navigate the delicate balance between personal safety and the greater good.

Source: AWM

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