• May 27, 2024

He Was On The Run After What He Did To His Baby Daughter….

A suspected criminal and murderer has been finally caught after he spent weeks on the run.

31-year-old Christopher Francisquini from Connecticut man wanted for the murder and dismemberment of his 11-month-old daughter was found and arrested Friday, after a two-week search by Connecticut and federal authorities, and arraigned on murder charges Monday.

The suspect was apprehended at a bus stop following two weeks he spent as a fugitive since being accused of choking, stabbing, and dismembering his own daughter, Camilla Francisquini.

During the murder of the infant, Francisquini was on parole from a 2012 assault charge. While he was on parole with the law, he allegedly killed his daughter. He then cut off his GPS ankle bracelet before fleeing his Connecticut home to go on the run from the authorities he knew would be chasing him down for murdering the eleven-month-old baby girl.

Francisquini strangled his daughter Camila to death. Then he stabbed the infant girl and used the knife to dismember her into pieces, according to a police report.

Naugatuck Police Chief Colin McCallister said that based on the infant’s body, “We can clearly rule out this was an accident, this was an intentional act.”

Thankfully, Good Samaritans recognized the suspect because of all the media coverage and articles like this.

More than a dozen officers with the Waterbury Police Department at approximately 3 p.m. converged on Francisquini — who appeared to be wearing a black sweatsuit, black ski mask, and black gloves — at a bus station in the area of 400 Grand Street, according to statements from authorities and body camera footage of the arrest.

The suspect was located after a concerned citizen called 911 believing to have recognized the suspect from photographs posted to social media by law enforcement, Naugatuck Chief of Police Colin C. McAllister said during a Friday evening press conference on the matter. The caller told authorities that Francisquini had made changes to his appearance but was still recognizable.

According to AWM:

The young father was arrested and charged with murder with special circumstances and risk of injury to a minor. His bond was set at just $5 million, which seems quite low for someone who did the unthinkable to a baby daughter in her own home.

Christopher Francisquini is no stranger to the law. In truth, he had a rap sheet that is quite long. He has previously committed violent crimes including assault as well as carjacking, and several other crimes throughout his career as a crime against the law.

Watch the intense arrest footage of this sick criminal:

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