• July 13, 2024

Her RSVP To A Family Wedding Is Going Viral For Every Wrong Reason Imaginable…

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding will know how stressful the guest list can be, especially when you’re dealing with strict pandemic restrictions.

But turns out one “petty” family member wasn’t quite so understanding – and has been dubbed “tacky” for her rude reaction to not getting a plus one to her niece’s wedding.

A furious aunt has turned down an invitation to her niece’s wedding after her partner of more than two years wasn’t included on the RSVP as a plus one.

Taking to social media, the bride-to-be received an RSVP back from her Aunt Edith – but instead of it revealing whether she would be attending, it came with a nasty message.

The bride explained to readers that due to Covid-19 restrictions she was having a smaller wedding, meaning Edith’s partner Danny didn’t make the cut.

But that didn’t stop Aunt Edith from unleashing a nasty message back.

“Most rude and hurtful,” it said in the RSVP message.

“Family shouldn’t separate family! You shouldn’t have sent one at all! Aunt Edith and Uncle Danny,” it read in capital letters.

Upon receiving the dramatic RSVP back, the niece then posted the card in question on a popular Reddit forum, captioning it: “All because I didn’t put her boyfriends name on the invite.”

Due to the coronavirus, many couples planning their nuptials are having to be ruthless with their guest list and restrict their numbers. And the Reddit bride was no exception, who is said to have told all guests that “numbers were reduced to bare bones”.

Further discussion in the Reddit post goes on to say ‘Uncle Danny’ has “played no significant role in their lives, they have met this man a handful of times. Danny is unpleasant and tolerated at best. They do not see him as an uncle.”

Fellow forum members jumped to the bride’s defense.

“Auntie Edith here is pretty dang crazy,” one wrote. “No need for her to be a drama queen.”

“That‘s a quick way to quit being invited to family gatherings ever again. Yeesh, Aunt Edith,” said another.

Other comments included: “Wow, Aunt Edith is a piece of work!” and “This RSVP is so salty, I just felt my cholesterol levels skyrocket.” 

Some were more brutal: “Edith needs to harden the f**k up!”

At least she’s cleared space for one new guest now!

Source: AWM

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