• April 15, 2024

His Solution To His Mouse Infestation Made Everyone’s Jaws Drop!

He had a mouse infestation, but his solution for all of it made everyone completely and totally shocked. It worked though…

This is because farmers in Australia are getting desperate. They are encountering a mice plague that is demolishing crops across rural New South Wales and is threatening the very livelihood of farmers who depend on it to feed their families.

However, this hasn’t stopped one farmer named Andrew from taking a drastic approach to ridding his grain yield of this hideous infestation of mice. Footage shows him literally launching the mice into the air from the grain conveying and into a raging fire blazing away in his trusty 44-gallon drum.

Andrew is claiming that the mice are entering his auger after the grain was being transferred into the silo. The mice were attempting to eat the leftover grain in the conveyor but they ultimately ended up staying and forming nests. This infestation was terribly bad and ended up threatening the farmer’s entire crop.

The farmer decided that he was going to share his unique approach to pest control on the Chinese-created TikTok social media platform, and yes, his quickly went viral, but not for the reason he was hoping. Needless to say, animal rights activists were very upset.

The farmer was trying to destroy these mice as quickly as possible, and so he decided that he was going to burn them alive in order to get the job done. It was definitely efficient as the mice were seen falling into the raging fire.

That is why the commenters bombarded Andrew with critical comments for how he approached the issue.

“I don’t like mice,” one person wrote, “but that’s messed up.”

Andrew the farmer retorted with a reply of his own, writing, “You’re messed up.”

“That is wrong,” a woman commented.

“Dude, WTF,” another woman added. “You’re burning them alive.”

“Better than drowning them alive,” Andrew replied to the woman. “But most of them are dead because the auger chops them up.”

Another person shared their disdain for his pest-control approach, writing: “I’m not a vegan but seriously do you think maybe we shouldn’t burn them alive?

“Ok how would you like me to do it?” Andrew replied.

One TikTok user even took a screenshot of the video because he feared that farmer Andrew was going to take it down.

“They already took it down and I appealed it and they put it back up,” Andrew wrote.

“I think there’s several methods of removal,” another man wrote. “Doing this is a demonstration of animal cruelty.”

Rural parts of Australia continue to be brimming with rodents. Nevertheless, the farmer’s approach was controversial. Do you think he did it the right way?

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