• May 29, 2024

Hope Hicks Faces Vitriolic Attacks After Emotional Pro-Trump Testimony

(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Former White House aide Hope Hicks faced a barrage of attacks from unhinged, leftist individuals following her Friday testimony in the infamous Manhattan trial of former President Donald Trump. 

Hicks’s heartfelt defense of Trump coincided with a wave of vitriolic attacks on Twitter, where some users, including many with large followings, launched sexist comments and slurs against her, launched sexist comments and slurs against her.

Tim O’Donnell, a self-proclaimed “former newspaper radio TV news guy,” expressed his disdain against Hicks, claiming: “She stood beside asshole as he said the most rapey racist criminal shit & never said dick. F**k Hope Hicks.”

O’Donnell, known for his photos with Hollywood celebrities such as Matthew Perry, David Hasselhoff and Jean Smart, garnered over 134,000 views and more than 4,000 reactions to his post.

In another tweet, O’Donnell incited further reactions, stating, “This made the MAGA trolls INSANE. Keep reposting.”

Film director Morgan J. Freeman falsely accused Trump of attempting to have an affair with Hicks, disturbingly jesting: “Trump tried to sleep with Hope Hicks many times years ago. As it turns out, she fucked him in court today.”

Another Twitter user, StricklyChristo, suggested that Hicks may have been “brainwashed” by the “MAGA-cult” due to her emotional pro-Trump testimony. 

“Hope Hicks crying on the witness stand as she corrects herself for calling the defendant Mr. Trump instead of President Trump is peak brainwashed MAGA-cult bullshit,” the user posted to his over 62,000 followers, receiving nearly 50,000 views and over 1,500 likes.

Paul Rudnick, a novelist with over 83,000 followers, also joined the criticism, seeming to mock Hicks’s testimony by summoning a quote from a fictional character. 

“After Hope Hicks sobbed on the stand about how much Trump loves Melania, Alexis Carrington commented, ‘C+ for fake tears, D- for convenient memory lapses, A+ for great hair,’” he posted, garnering over 23,000 views.

In a separate post, Rudnick criticized Hicks’s makeup, falsely claiming, “Ivanka is reportedly furious that Hope Hicks copied her ‘smokey perjury eyes’, ‘brave full lips’ and ‘under duress brows’ for her testimony today.”

Podcast host Derek Knight, with over 233,000 followers, added his derision, claiming that Hicks’s emotional testimony prompted his laughter. 

“Nothing is funnier than Hope Hicks taking the stand and then immediately crying because she accidently [sic] told the truth and is about to send Trump to jail,” he said. His post insinuated false claims that Hicks may have assisted the prosecution. She did not.

Hicks is among the numerous witnesses in the Trump trial led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a far-left Democrat who campaigned on the promise to indict the former president if elected.

Bragg dubiously accuses Trump of falsifying business records related to alleged payments to disgraced former attorney Michael Cohen, who purportedly then paid former porn star Stormy Daniels.  

Trump vehemently denied all allegations. 

During her testimony, Hicks scolded Cohen, saying, “He liked to call himself a fixer, or Mr. Fix It. It’s only because he first broke it so he could fix it.”

Other attacks against Hicks included:


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