• June 15, 2024

How A Three Year Old Child Saved His Dying Mom Is Absolutely Amazing!

To help save his Mother, a Three-year-old boy called 999 after learning from a Youtube cartoon.

The incident took place on November 12, in West Midlands, UK.

Kayleigh Boffey, 33, fell down the stairs, and upon hitting her head, she reportedly lost consciousness, Thomas Boffey then dialed 999, the 3-year-old boy had watched Robocar Poli, an animated kids’ show from South Korea that featured a police car, ambulance, and fire engine, the child knew how to dial 999. Before placing the semi-conscious Kayleigh on the line, Thomas told operator Morgane Amphlett that his “mummy fell upstairs.”

Kayleigh said, “He climbed up onto my windowsill in the living room to get my phone and he managed to [phone] the operator, They couldn’t understand what he was on about but directed him to the police.”

The toddler had seen how to react on the show, Robocar Poli. “Mummy won’t wake up,” he told a call handler.

Kayleigh, а full-time mother, hаd collаpsed аfter being overcome by stomаch pаin cаused by а herniа аnd enlаrged spleen.

Kayleigh was treated at a hospital for knee, ankle, shoulder, and hip injuries but is now recovering at home with her “mini- superhero”.

The police had their own words of praise for the young man. They also let him push buttons in the police car and turn on the lights while his mother was assessed.

Head of Force Contact Andy Beard with the West-Midlands Police said in a statement, “The boy was clearly confused and worried…but he’d done brilliantly at such a young age to know that if you dial 999 we are here to help, ”

Beard also highlighted the skill of the operator, Morgane, who took Thomas’ call.

“Morgane built up a rapport with the boy, remained calm, and offered him reassurance right up till the point officers and the ambulance arrived to take over. Our call handlers are highly trained to deal with emergency situations like this, including how to advise people to stay safe and perform first aid.

Just like officers out on the streets, they can be lifesavers.”

The West Midlands Police also shared the call the boy placed on their Facebook page, with Kayleigh’s permission.

“Words can’t describe it,” Kayleigh, who is still recovering, said. “I’m extremely proud of him.

“He’s like a mini superhero and, especially for his age, it’s really amazing how he knew what to do and he understood and didn’t get scared.”

Watch it here: Facebook/West Midlands Police

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