• June 12, 2024

How One Man Kept Carjackers From Stealing Right From His Home Is Totally Genius… [VIDEO]

A Houston homeowner shared his harrowing experience of thwarting a carjacking attempt by two armed suspects who followed him home from a nearby gas station. The incident happened in January, and the homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted the story to Fox 26 Houston. He said that as he pulled into his garage, two males approached him with a loaded 9mm gun with an extended clip.

According to the homeowner, one of the suspects, believed to be a teenager, demanded at gunpoint that he turns over the keys to his jeep, which were in a backpack on the passenger seat unbeknownst to the suspects. The second suspect was unaware that the keys were inside the backpack and took off, preventing the first suspect from starting the car.

The homeowner then proceeded to chase the suspect with the backpack when he heard gunshots behind him, which were coming from the first suspect. The homeowner explained that usually, carjackers get away with the vehicle immediately after demanding the keys, but this time, the suspects were caught off guard and were “bamboozled” because they didn’t know what to do. They had made errors that ended up helping the homeowner escape their clutches.

“The complainant started to run after the suspect that had his backpack and heard gunshots coming from the first suspect, who was running behind him. The suspect that had the backpack also heard the gunshots, causing him to drop the backpack. The complainant was then able to recover his backpack (with all his property) as both suspects caught up with each other at the 3500 block of W. Holcombe,” the Houston Police Department stated.

The homeowner revealed that the suspects escaped in a blue Chevy after the failed carjacking attempt. The ordeal left him feeling lucky to be alive and grateful for his quick thinking, which allowed him to escape unscathed. His experience is an example of the importance of being vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings to prevent becoming a victim of crime.

Carjacking is a serious crime that is on the rise in Houston and other parts of the country. According to the Houston Police Department, there were 1,108 carjackings in Houston in 2020, up from 824 the previous year. It is important for residents to take measures to protect themselves, such as avoiding dangerous areas, keeping doors locked, and staying alert while driving.

The homeowner’s story also highlights the importance of responsible gun ownership. While he did not have a gun on him during the carjacking attempt, he was able to fend off the suspects and escape unharmed. In situations where a gun is necessary for self-defense, it is important to be trained in its proper use and safety measures to avoid accidents and protect oneself.

The homeowner’s experience is a reminder of the need for constant vigilance and preparedness in the face of rising crime rates. It is essential to take precautions to protect oneself and be aware of one’s surroundings at all times to avoid becoming a victim.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Sources: Dennismichaellynch, Fox News

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