• June 22, 2024

Hunter Biden’s Ex-GF Exposes Steamy Particulars Of Their Life Together

If Hunter Biden was simply a random guy with a drug issue and sex addiction, that would be one thing. Though as the president’s son, his actions have much bigger consequences. Big concerns still remain about whether foreign opponents like China are blackmailing him or his papa.

Now, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, Allie Kennedy, is stepping forward to speak about her time with the troubled presidential son. They began as good friends, with Hunter paying her big cash to give him and pals spray tans and smoking cigarettes crack around her.

They were primarily buddies until near completion of their time together, according to Kennedy, who says Hunter seemed like a good man, but clearly had a yearning for his daddy’s attention and problems with sex and drugs.

Kennedy met Hunter while stripping at a club in 2017. The 2 became good friends after he employed her to provide a spray tan (her side business) to him and 3 ladies in his hotel space.

Kennedy states Hunter didn’t speak with her about what he was involved in with his organization’s deals abroad. Though he was constantly very generous with her and clearly felt he wasn’t good enough in his papa’s eyes, compared to his late brother Beau.

After Beau’s awful death in 2015 from cancer (most likely gotten worse by the time near harmful burn pits in Iraq), Hunter became much worse in his substance abuse and wild sex parties.

Kennedy, who utilized to be a stripper, said Hunter informed her he ‘d always been a “black sheep” in the Biden household. She thinks his household and papa never “appropriately enjoyed” him.

Kennedy said the main points that struck her as odd and uncomfortable about Hunter were his usage of crack around her and his sleeping with his dead brother’s wife, Hallie.

Hallie and Hunter would get naked spray tans together with her, smoke fracture, and then come out to dinner with her.

Hunter has actually been in rehab centers six times, but says he hasn’t utilized given that 2019 when he wed Melissa Cohen of South Africa.


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