• July 23, 2024

If You See Wire Around Your Car’s Door Handle, This Is Exactly What You Need To…

A sinister trend on TikTok has exposed a frightening kidnapping technique, leaving social media users on high alert and questioning their safety.

The issue came to light when user Ice.Lemon.Water shared a video of a parked car with a string wrapped around its driver’s door handle, initially thinking it was a joke until spotting another similar case.

Other TikTok users, such as Reece from AChunkyGuy, have weighed in on this alarming trend that appears to be growing. Reece explained that perpetrators use wire because it takes longer to remove, providing more time for the kidnapper to approach and abduct the unsuspecting victim while they’re distracted.

Ice.Lemon.Water later reported that the tie they found seemed to be the type of ribbon used for tying balloons. However, Reece urged Americans to be vigilant and cautious when encountering ribbons or wires on their car door handles, advising them not to approach their vehicles alone.

According to Reece, tactics like these are used prominently in the U.S., where perpetrators place objects on cars to distract potential victims, allowing them to strike before the person reaches their vehicle.

Another TikTok user, Haley West, shared a video in which she discovered a water bottle on her car hood. As she went to remove it, a man rushed towards her but failed to get close enough to abduct her.

Instead, he retreated into a store to hide his identity. Reece suggests that in such situations, individuals should return to the most populated area and seek someone to escort them to their car.

Reece’s video has left many users disturbed, with one claiming that they experienced a similar incident where they later discovered a tracker on their car – a chilling reminder of the ever-present dangers.

“I’m very disturbed,” one user replied to Reece’s video.

“This happened to me,” another TikToker claimed. “I called my friend’s mom, who’s a cop, and it turns out there was a tracker on my car … scary.”

WATCH the video below:


#stitch with @ice.lemon.water just in case, they tie the ribbon to your car door as a distraction so they can take you as you’re untying it.

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