• July 13, 2024

If You’ve Seen Commercials For Jesus During NFL Games This Is The Reason Why….

Jesus has been prominently featured in numerous advertisements and billboards that have sprung up everywhere.

According to Christianity Today, since March there has been a campaign known simply as “He Gets Us.”

In the months preceding the Super Bowl, a major advertising campaign for Jesus will expand. The goal of the He Gets Us campaign is to rescue the message of Jesus from Christian misconduct.

The He Gets Us Campaign is made up of several anonymous families who are in some type of partnership with a Christian foundation based in Kansas under the general name of The Signatry which is why the campaign has quite the budget, however, who exactly is funding the campaign has been shrouded in mystery as this is partially due to the fact that there is more than one donor.

The Religions News Service reports that a total of $100 million is being spent to fund the campaign. That cash will pay for TV spots, billboards, and online ads that tell viewers one message about Jesus: “He gets us.”

These are not advertisements for a specific church or religious group. It is an all-encompassing campaign designed to give the concept of Jesus in the hopes that people will eventually want to join a church. Even if they do not, it is hoped that they will be saved.

The Christianity Today added that this sum is comparable to what businesses like Old Navy, TD Ameritrade, and Mercedes-Benz would spend to promote their brands.

Haven, a Michigan-based marketing agency, is in charge of the campaign. Each advertisement employs a general slant designed to help viewers recognize the relevance of Jesus’ earthly life to the very real struggles of today. From what it describes as “like-minded families who desire to see the Jesus of the Bible represented in today’s culture with the same relevance and impact he had 2,000 years ago.”

The campaign has the potential to spur a lot of conversation about Jesus, CBN’s Heather Sells who has been following the campaign reported.

“This group did three rounds of research, and they found that there is a lot of people who are skeptical, who don’t know a lot about Jesus, and this is interesting, a lot of them are actually decently positive about Jesus Himself, but negative about Christianity,” Sellers said noting that this was one of the campaign donors’ objectives and the second objective was to convince skeptics to reconsider Jesus’ identity.

Jason Vanderground told Sellers who had the opportunity to interview Vanderground with Haven, the marketing agency that developed the campaign that the focus of the campaign donors was to increase respect for Jesus and the relevancy of Jesus.

“They have seen it politicized, they have seen, just a lot of intermixing. if you will, of politics and Christianity and so they’re turned off by that,” she added.

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