• June 13, 2024

Is Johnson About To Join The Kevin McCarthy Pink Slip Club?

House Speaker Mike Johnson, currently facing discontent among conservative House Republicans, may be on a similar path as former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, according to various reports.

Newsweek summarized its coverage on the potential removal of the Louisiana Republican from office by dissident Republicans, likening it to McCarthy’s situation, stating that Johnson’s “speakership is unraveling.”

According to House rules, a single member can trigger a vote on Johnson’s leadership, initiating a process reminiscent of McCarthy’s ousting.

A report from Punchbowl News featured an unnamed House Republican expressing frustration, suggesting that House Republicans are losing strength under Johnson. The source, not identified as a Freedom Caucus member, voiced concerns about Johnson’s ability to lead and deliver conservative victories, stating, “As much as there was valid criticism and frustration with Kevin, Mike is struggling to grow into the job and is just getting rolled even more than McCarthy did.”

The report highlighted Republicans’ dissatisfaction with Johnson’s approach to the Fiscal Responsibility Act, a budgetary framework agreed upon by McCarthy and criticized by fiscal conservatives. Rather than opposing it, Johnson seemed to comply, further fueling discontent.

The current dispute revolves around the federal budget, originally expected by October 1. However, its final adoption was delayed, leading to a series of continuing resolutions to sustain government operations. The budget unveiled over the weekend faced widespread criticism from several House Republicans, with Johnson also drawing disapproval.

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