• June 19, 2024

Jim Carrey Just Ripped A “Spineless” Oscar Crowd To Pieces!

It is Wednesday and social media is still abuzz with the “slap heard around the world” from Sunday night.

Let’s face it, it is the biggest news concerning the Oscars in the last several years that in some ways was actually entertaining.

Now, let me be clear, the entertaining part was NOT Will Smith losing it and slapping comedian Chris Rock in front of millions of people, but the fallout afterward.

There are many people that believe it was “staged,” and if it was, this was probably the worst PR move Will Smith could’ve done for his career.

In fact, Smith is getting so much backlash, that he had to turn off the comments on his social media.


However, it is not just his fans that are giving him grief for his physical assault, but also many of his peers in the Academy.

One of those actors is comedian Jim Carrey.

Carrey has not always been my favorite in the past, but what he has to say earned him back some respect from me at least.

Carrey blasted Will Smith but also the spineless Oscar crowd that gave him a standing ovation, too.

TMZ reported that Jim Carrey is verbalizing what many people have on their minds after Hollywood collectively gave Will Smith a standing ovation following his Chris Rock slap … saying the whole thing was disgraceful.

The comedian and actor tore into everyone who got on their feet Sunday after Will won for Best Actor … and after delivering a lengthy and emotional speech, which touched on both his work in “King Richard,” but also seemed to address the slap moment just minutes earlier.

Jim had some harsh words for the Academy when he sat down with Gayle King from CBS.

Carrey calls the Academy and its attendees “spineless” and shows how stars often preach one thing but demonstrate another.

Oh, but that was not all of it.

Jim continues to say if he were in Chris’ shoes, he would sue Will.

The comedian went on to call the whole thing sickening and sad, especially since it overshadowed pretty much the entire ceremony and everyone else who went on to win that night. And, as many have since argued — Will could’ve opted for any other way to express his objection to Chris’ words, but that he had no right to resort to violence.

Jim also pointed out that there seemed to be something deeper bothering Will — beyond just the joke about his wife’s hair loss — and it would appear most agree with that as well.

In other words, this was about way more than just being offended over a tasteless crack.

Like I said before, I hardly agree with Carrey but this time he is spot on.

Rock’s joke was MILD and did not warrant a violent reaction from Will Smith at all.

At first, Will is seen laughing but then notices his wife, Jada looking none too pleased.

Instead of just keeping his cool, the hen-pecked Smith became violent all to appease his “queen” and then receives a round of applause.

Wow, that was the definition of TOXIC MASCULINITY.

Sickening is right, but that’s Hollywood for you, a bunch of twisted, morally corrupt ghouls, who think they know it all when in reality, they are utterly clueless.

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