• June 15, 2024

Jim Jordan Sets Dems Ablaze With One Sentence!

Rep Jim Jordan set Democrats ablaze while speaking with Fox’s Sean Hannity. Jordan was in the process of taking a success lap around Democrats after the GOP was able to quit Biden’s Disinformation Board from launching.

Jordan broke asking,” Would the Disinformation Governance Board have fact-checked the Democrat witness today who was available in front of our committee and said guys can get pregnant and have an abortion? We’ll never ever know, Sean. I’m almost saddened by this since I desire they would have possibly waited a day before they dissolved this board so we can see precisely what Nina Jankowicz would have claimed to that absurd statement made in the Judiciary Board today by the Democrat witness.”

Jordan was describing the continuous congressional hearing concerning abortions. One of the OBGYNs that indicated had no problem asserting that males can get pregnant and that males can have abortions.

Later on in the section Jordan turned around as well as in one sentence, activated Dems as well as Libs alike”

“The Trump recommendation is the most powerful political endorsement in American history, undoubtedly, we recognize that.”

“The country has common sense,” Jordan continued. “The Republican Party is the party of good sense and also normal people; [the] Democrat Celebration is the party of madness. There’s a factor 7 out of ten of our fellow citizens believe the country gets on the incorrect track. In my time in national politics, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen wrong track numbers that negative. And that’s since America has good sense as well as they recognize that Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the Judiciary Board, needed to approve that witness.

He wrapped up, “They went out and got that witness to find affirm. That reveals you exactly how inaccessible they are with reality as well as with the American individuals. As well as why I assume– as you claimed and as Clay said– it’s going to be a great evening for Republicans on Nov. 8, which implies an excellent evening for the nation.”

Simply interested, did anybody else watch the hearing? The OBGYN Jordan is referring to has a pause prior to going down that item of disinformation. I believe she needed to understand what she was saying was simply inaccurate but that really did not quit her from pressing the story for Dems anyway.


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