• June 13, 2024

Chip Roy Ripping This Abortionist To Pieces Will Make Your Heart Soar!

You would certainly assume that somebody able to perform an abortion would certainly have grown some thicker skin. The irony here is that Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) wasn’t even trolling Alabama abortion company Dr. Yashica Robinson. The Congressman just explained her task and also Dr. Robinson felt activated by it, calling his description ‘inflammatory’.

“What is the most up to date you have carried out an abortion in regards to weeks of the unborn kid?” Roy asked during the congressional hearing.

“Yes, my name is Dr. Robinson and I give abortion treatment in Alabama,” Robinson responded. “So Alabama has restrictions–”

“What is the response to the concern, the most up to date that you have carried out an abortion?” Roy asked again.

“I’m mosting likely to answer your inquiry,” Robinson said, including, “So sadly my state is just one of those states–”

“It’s a number of weeks,” Roy objected.

“It is among those states that has actually passed restrictions or limitations on abortion care,” Robinson proceeded. “Which limitations physicians like myself–”

“Simply put, you would love to do it later,” Roy interjected, asking a 3rd time. “What is the most recent you have performed an abortion?”

“Well, considering that I will certainly constantly comply with the regulation and I live in the state of Alabama, I give abortion care up until 20 weeks gestational age,” Robinson responded to.

“Ok, so you did an abortion at 20 weeks,” Roy carried on after that, keeping in mind the correct procedure for abortion at that phase of fetal advancement was extension as well as removal and asking exactly how the procedure worked when that was underway. “Have you executed abortions at that phase, as well as in doing so, have you had infant parts that you’ve needed to dispose of or keep in some capability … legs … arms?”

“One of the things that you all have done throughout this hearing is use inflammatory language as you talk about–” Robinson pushed back.

Roy did not let her coating: “No, it’s a question. Ma’am … Ma’am, it’s a basic concern. Have you had human components, infant components, arms, legs, as an outcome of an abortion done, at the time you simply acknowledged you do abortions, as much as 20 weeks?”

“I am a physician and a proud abortion service provider,” Robinson firmly insisted. “There’s absolutely nothing that you can state that makes it difficult for me to speak about the care that I offer to my patients.”

“Have there been infant parts, yes or no?” Roy asked once more. “As well as where and also how have they been stored?”

Robinson proceeded to disperse, stating that she would certainly be happy to discuss just how she provided abortion treatment– while remaining to refuse to respond to direct inquiries about just how she gave abortion care.

“So the answer to the concern is fairly noticeable,” Roy wrapped up. “There are infant parts, and also you do not want to speak about how they’re being saved. You do not wish to talk about placing them in freezers, you do not wish to discuss putting them in Pyrex recipes, you do not intend to discuss the video clips we have from Planned Being a parent … you don’t want to discuss the truth of what in fact occurs.”


How around that? The good medical professional can deal with listening to the summary of what takes place throughout a 20-week abortion. Now, I assumed that Roy was being ver ‘practical’ and also not inflammatory in all.

Be honest, do you believe he was trolling? It sounded pretty genuine to me.



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