• April 20, 2024

John Lennon’s Son DESTROYED Woke Culture With One Big Move..

John Lennon was a rebel in his time and was pretty much anti-establishment.

That is what the ’60s and ’70s were about. The youth was standing “against the man” and giving the middle finger to the government.

Yes, John Lennon was a hippie but he was also not afraid to push back against the authorities in the growing government.

John’s son, Sean may not be going as far as his legendary father, but he is speaking out and for that, I believe his father would be proud.

Sean is calling out the left’s woke culture and speaking out about how liberals are snuffing out freedom of speech, and replacing it with “thought control.”

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment, shall we?

The Democrat party is not the same as it was decades ago.

Today, Democrats are openly in bed with corporations. They literally are “the man” now. It’s quite a turnabout.

And Lennon’s son Sean has never been on board with that.

He’s definitely not “woke” and here is the tweet to prove that.

Here’s what Sean said: “To be truly woke you have to believe that two wrongs can make a right.”


That is 100% accurate and something that my father and I have spoken about many times.

In the woke generation, you must totally throw out tradition and embrace all the progressive ideas. In the past, our parents would say to us that two wrongs don’t make a right and to do the right thing.

However, the left wants you to believe that if you see something wrong, instead of being the change or setting a better example, one needs to do wrong as well to make it right.

It literally makes no sense, but that is how progressivism works today.

And that’s just further proof of how far off track we’ve gotten, and how we MUST turn this ship around and get back to God and tradition.


I saw this tweet too, and I thought it really played into this story quite well:

“This country is about to make a hard right turn. The left has no idea what’s coming.”

I pray John is right. It’s time for America to get back to her roots of patriotism, family, and church.

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