• April 20, 2024

John McCain’s Corrupt Past Surfaces With SHOCKING Details

Tyler Bower has been a icon in Arizona conservative circles for over a decade, he is currently COO of Turning Point USA and a Republican National Committeeman for Arizona. January 3rd Tyler decided he could no longer be quiet about his experiences with the late Senator John McCain. Bower’s revelation was shocking… unless you knew Senator McCain.

Bowyer wrote,

“When I was elected GOP chair of Maricopa county I met with senator McCain out of respect for his office and service in the first short meeting in his senate office he tried to buy me off by offering local chamber money he said he controlled. He wasn’t shy about it. It didn’t work.

I was very young I believe he and then senator flake thought they could influence me senator flake called me regularly after until I decided to host trump for what became the first trump rally in July of 2015.

Then they attacked me. Fervently. It’s everything that was wrong with the GOP. I always wonder how many people through the years got bought off or scared off by this kind of stuff.

If the GOP decides to leave this kind of behavior behind it will unite a movement that is totally unbeatable I think that’s the most misunderstood battle from the Trump era.”

Not so shocking at all, if you were paying attention.

Arizona’s own RazörFist, per his twitter header: “Snarkspawn. The Excellence of Elocution. The Oracle of Arizona. ☭⃠ ‘Man who only identifies as ‘Rageaholic’” according to AZCentral, has been among the late Senators’ most vociferous critics and the revelations by Bowyer only serve to confirm his assertions.

As amazingly foul as his language is, Mr. Fist was astonishingly accurate in providing the necessary context of the 2015 “McCain Purge” to Bowyer’s claim. Context I might add, that I personally bore witness to as a Precinct Committeeman:

“Turn your beady butt[ __ ] eyes to a Politico report from 2015 in which it was reported that in a flagrant [ __ ] effort to get re-elected and screw Trump out of the nomination and presidency the jimmy arm jackass in question was purging the local GOP of any and all tea partiers and Trump supporters. His primary reported target at the time city? Council precinct committeeman and board of [ __ ] supervisors.
Now that my friends is the very cowinkiest of god[ __ ] dinks, but don’t take my word for it. You wanna all the play-by-play on john McCain’s true political legacy in Arizona? The one that led to him dying in office mind you having refused to resign despite a verifiably terminal illness with an approval rating hovering around oh 30 [ __ ] percent.
Take it from Tyler Bowyer, former committeeman with first-hand knowledge of McCain’s attempted bribery who this past week came forward on Twitter with his own closed-door story of dealing with the archon of Arizona who incidentally wasn’t even from the [ __ ] state.
You wanted McCain’s true legacy? There it [ __ ] is.”

WARNING: Extremely Coarse Language

McCain’s Legacy: The Arizona GOP at War

In the fallout of the 2020 Election irregularities and allegations of fraud, the Arizona GOP has been at the center of a political firestorm which threatens to claim multiple careers, not the least of which being current AZGOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward and sitting Governor Doug Ducey who are engaged in a full-scale, protracted political battle to the death. Dr. Ward is leading the charge of the Trump supporters and demanding a full investigation of Arizona’s Election Integrity, while Gov. Ducey controversially knowingly certified compromised results DURING the Trump legal team’s hearing with AZ Legislators. The deep divisions in the party sown by Senator McCain in his last years have long outlived him. Bowyer’s revelations only add to the stain left on the AZGOP.

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