• July 24, 2024

Leaked Video EXPOSES Schwab Admitting He Has Every World Government In His Pocket!

People should watch this video five years ago where Klaus Schwab was bragging so proudly on camera about how he “penetrates the cabinets” of most major world governments.

Not just this, but he also goes on to name every single person who he placed in power.

Below are the names from the list he mentioned:

Merkel (Germany)

Putin (Russia)

Trudeau (Canada)

Argentina’s President

Macron (France)

He mentioned that over half of Trudeau’s cabinet has been “captured by the World Economic Forum” which is Klaus Schwab’s very creepy, unelected, “elite” group he uses to control the world he also added and confirmed that not only does he control the Presidents of Argentina and France (Macron) but he says he controls over half their cabinets as well.

All these statements were told by Schwab in a super creepy Adolph Hitler-style German accent.

Well, I can say that if you were to cast an evil villain in a movie you’ll be told that it was too over the top and too unbelievable if you picked this creepy-looking guy and gave him the most textbook German accent you could find. But this time it’s Klaus Schwab.

Watch it here: Rumble/Video

Here’s more:

It’s not a conspiracy when they admit it!

Source: We Love Trump

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