• May 27, 2024

Liberal Lunatics Broke Into Joel Osteen’s Church And Stripped Down During Service…

Abortion-rights activists shouted at the top of their lungs and stripped down to their underwear during a mega-church service held by prominent televangelist Joel Osteen in Houston on Sunday.

One protester took off her dress to reveal a pair of green hands painted onto her white bra and exclaimed, “It’s my body, my (expletive) choice,” as Pastor Joel Osteen finished his prayer and worshippers began to take their seats.

That protester was quickly joined by a woman standing next to her, who unveiled a similar outfit.

“Overturn Roe?” she chanted. “Hell no!”

A third protester joined the two women. As they were led through a surprised but seemingly calm crowd, the group continued to shout. From the stage, Osteen continued to talk.

The three women waved green bandanas — a symbol of the pro-choice movement.

Activist refers to the 1973 Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, which established a legal right to abortion. According to a recently leaked Supreme Court draft, the increasingly conservative court, which includes three justices chosen by former President Donald Trump, might overturn the decision.

The Catholic News Agency claims he said:

“Alright y’all, we love everybody so we just thank the Lord that he’s in control and he has all things in his hand, and I think as long as I keep talking you can’t hear what everybody else is saying.”

The women were removed from the church, allowing Osteen to continue preaching, to the delight of the congregation.

According to the site, the activists continued their protest outside and were joined by other sympathizers.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, a group of activists has opposed the idea of the Supreme Court reversing Roe v. Wade. v. Wade after a draft decision was released last month.

Activist Julianne D’Eredita told KPRC 2 of the protest:

“I know it seems very outrageous to do it in a church in a private space. However, the people that are enforcing these laws have no qualms coming up to women in private spaces such as doctors’ offices and medical clinics to harass them and call them murderers.”

Among the tweets Osteen posted Sunday was one telling his congregants that messages come in different forms.

“We don’t always realize how God speaks to us,” he said. “But most of the time, God speaks to us in a gentle whisper. It’s not something loud; it’s not forceful. It’s called the still small voice.”

Osteen, 59, has two children. The Christian Post quoted him saying “Every baby should live,” during a 2011 interview though that doesn’t seem to be an issue he often addresses. Osteen will preach in Yankee Stadium on Aug. 6.

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