• May 27, 2024

Liz Cheney Now Sickeningly Sending Subpoenas To People Who Were NEVER Near The Capitol!

As the midterm election is fast approaching, Dems and their commies are busy targeting prominent conservative voices. This is part of their political game to minimize the voice that supports Republicans.

Remember what happened last year in August 2021? Infowars host Owen Shroyer was arrested by the corrupt FBI just because he peacefully stood on the Capitol along with about 1,000 other Americans.

Anyone who goes against Dems narrative will get into trouble, they are exactly the same with communist china, they suppress even our Freedom of Speech.

Owen made the announcement during a live broadcast of his show The War Room.

Watch it here: WarRoom/Video

The GatewayPundit slammed Biden’s regime for targeting conservative voices who go against Dems narrative:

Owen Shroyer was with Alex Jones that day. We sat next to Owen and Alex at the Ellipse during President Trump’s speech. Alex later used a bullhorn to tell Trump supporters NOT to go into the US Capitol.

On Monday news broke that Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed the phone records from Owen’s mother.

How is this any different than Soviet Russia?

The Daily Mail gives us more details of the report: 

The House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol has subpoenaed the phone records of a mother whose son works for right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as the panel tries to understand the Infowars host’s role before the riots.

Court documents filed on Sunday show the committee has subpoenaed records for Annette Shroyer, the mother of Jones employee Owen Shroyer, who was charged with breaching the Capitol Hill grounds during the riots last year.

Annette Shroyer has accused the panel of abusing its powers and asked a judge to let her join Jones’ pending lawsuit against the committee, reports Politico. Jones sued the House committee in December last year in an effort to block the subpoenas he’d been issued.

The mother received notice of the subpoena on February 10 and Verizon has indicated it would provide Annette Shroyer’s phone records unless she filed a suit by February 28. The select committee declined to comment.

Of all these happenings, the worthless GOP is silent. The FBI and their Democrat overlords are the modern-day Stasi.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, The Daily Mail

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