• June 16, 2024

Migrant Camp Moved INTO A SCHOOL, Forced Children Out On Their Butts

In the ongoing debate surrounding President Joe Biden’s open borders policy, it is becoming increasingly evident that the adverse effects extend beyond traditional red border states like Arizona and Texas, impacting the entire nation, including key urban strongholds of his own party.

The most recent illustration of these challenges emerged from New York, the nation’s most populous city. In response to an overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants, New York City has resorted to legal action against bus companies facilitating their arrival. Among the makeshift measures was the proposal for a camp at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn to accommodate the surge of migrants.

However, the reality of camping in January in New York proved unfeasible due to harsh weather conditions. Consequently, a Brooklyn high school had to transition to virtual learning to offer its gymnasium to nearly 2,000 migrants, highlighting the strain on local resources.

City officials, anticipating adverse weather, moved the migrants from the tent city at Floyd Bennett Field to James Madison High School, about five miles away. Despite the school’s closure to students on Wednesday, the move underscored the challenges faced by local authorities.

The dissatisfaction with the situation was palpable, with warning signs apparent from the outset. Thomas P. Sullivan, a Republican New York state Assembly candidate, expressed his concerns, stating, “From the announcement of the migrant camp being placed at Floyd Bennett Field, everyone, except apparently those running the camp, knew it would be a disaster.” Numerous community members had previously voiced reservations about the plan, citing concerns about winter conditions, tent durability, and the risk of flooding.

Sullivan emphasized the need for federal intervention in securing the border, urging the governor and mayor to heed the concerns of their communities and reconsider the current policies deemed disastrous by many.

The Daily Allegiant